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It is our goal as a breeder to produce puppies who are sound in both body and mind, while maintaining the outstanding
temperament each of their respective breeds are so well known for.  We have carefully chosen each of our Purebred Parents to
ensure they are from quality, healthy lines with consistent beauty.  We have the parents of every puppy on the premises.  
We stand behind every puppy we raise and expect to be a resource to their new owner, both before and after the puppy goes to it's
new home.  Whether your experience with the dogs goes back many years, or if this is your first puppy, we are glad to help you
with any questions you might have.     
Thankfully, our careful breeding produces healthy, well adjusted puppies.  However, we offer a one year written health warranty
on each of our puppies to ensure their new owner knows how serious we are about standing behind our breeding.   
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