Maltipoo Poochon aka Bichpoo Shichon Poo Puppies

Rolling Meadows Puppies Maltipoo, Poochon And Shichon Poo Puppy Application

    Complete the form to submit an application for a Rolling Meadows Puppies Maltipoo, Poochon and Shichon Poo puppy. The
    non-refundable application fee is $250.00 and will be applied towards the purchase price of your puppy. Once the application
    and fee are completed, you will receive a confirmation of receipt via email.  

    Please note your preference of puppy, gender, coat coloring, and desired time frame for taking home your puppy. Also, let us
    know what personality type you are looking for.  If you have any questions or concerns before submitting your application
    please email us at or call Tammy at (319) 752-7072.  We look forward to hearing from

    After filling in your information please click the "Submit" button below then return and click "Pay Fee" to place your application
    fee.  Please note that by clicking the "Pay Fee" button, it will redirect you to PayPal. The PayPal invoice is set up specifically
    for our puppy application fee with Rolling Meadows Puppies.

    Please note:  Application form must be complete and fee placed in order to be considered and placed on the waiting list.
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Daisy Dog shichon poo puppy
Shih tzu bichon poodle
Daisy Dog Puppy
Shichon Poodle Puppy
Maltipoo Puppy
Maltipoo Puppy
Maltipoo Puppy
Maltipoo Puppy
Our adorable puppies are hybrid crosses between two different AKC purebreds or ACHC registered breeds making a fabulous combination of sweet nature and high intelligence!  They
get along great with children and adults, are very people friendly and happy puppies!  Great family companions.  They are hypoallergenic and non-shedding too!
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